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Watch ‘Blue Dream’ - the first of two videos I directed for DC band Drop Electric.

A summer fever dream, in which we experience two points of view of a serendipitous New York romance that quickly turns dark.

Premiered on London’s Clash Mag today.  Pretty neat.

Latest music video from Drop Electric. Directed by the bestie with me as Assistant Director (plus I can be spotted several times as an extra throughout)

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I just learned about the 2013 International Toy Fair, which begins today. And, conveniently enough, occurs in New York. 

Think of all the new toys that’ll be showcased here! Forget the kids stuff, I’m talking the increasing popularity of action figures and other items geared towards adults. 

“Why, Tina! YOU live in New York…why don’t you just attend?” Oh I wish I could, imaginary person. But said event is restricted to trade only, public not allowed.

Not. Fair.

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Big Snow, 42nd Street. 1956. By Andreas Feininger

View from outside my apartment. 

“Winterstorm Nemo”, you’re a joke. According to weather.com we got 7 inches of snow. And the streets were all plowed by morning. To repeat my sentiments from yesterday, New Yorkers are a bunch of wimps.

(Source: moma.org)

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I’ve lived in New York for nearly three months now and still experiencing “firsts”. The latest is occurring outside right now; my first New York snowstorm. It’s laughable, to say the least.

New Yorkers FREAK OUT. Over the course of the next 24 hours we could expect a foot of snow. There have been plenty of times in Minnesota where that occurred over the span of a few hours. But those snowstorms weren’t named. Hell, those snowstorms may not have guaranteed a snow day at school. 

Not here. From what I was told, many schools in Brooklyn and Queens didn’t have school today. Manhattan schools appeared to be in session but likely because that borough didn’t have any actual snow sticking to the ground until late this afternoon/early evening. My office closed up early today and there still wasn’t anything measurable on the ground. By my estimate, there’s maybe an inch of snow outside my apartment now. Two, maximum. And some wind. 

Schools/offices aside, people are literally stocking up on food. One of my roommates legitimately wondered aloud last night if she has enough food to survive the weekend. The trains are still running. Stores haven’t closed. And if you didn’t want to travel far, there are bodegas on every street corner. And those suckers never close. Plus, you can get anything and everything delivered. And said delivery businesses are still carrying on as usual. Hopefully they get some crazy tips tonight. 

 Events are being canceled. Bet the Fashion Week crowd are nervous wrecks. 

People are walking at a snail’s pace. There’s no ice on the ground. On my walk from the train station to the apartment I passed a small group of people. They honestly asked me how I can walk my normal pace in these sort of conditions. 

All I can do is smile, shake my head and internally laugh at all these fools. And this image of Bloomberg as Mr. Plow

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