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Joe Flacco at Disney World

I’ve watched and admired Joe Flacco for years now. He always seemed to be a good quarterback but not great. But, like so many other spokesmen have stated today, he definitely matured and evolved this year. Happy the Ravens won last night!

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Obligatory Super Bowl Commercial Post

Like so many others today, here’s a list of my favorite/least favorite commercials during yesterday’s game. I went a little overboard and the “read more” simply will not work for me today. Apologies.


Samsung Mobile USA - Thing Called Love

Had no knowledge about this commercial beforehand and I’m seeing The Darkness this Saturday. These two components made this commercial just that much better.

M&M’S “Just My Shell” Super Bowl Commercial

"WiggleWiggleWiggleWiggleWiggle Yeah!" Also- new M&M’s character. Another female!

"Cheetah" — Official big game ad for Hyundai Veloster Turbo

"A Dream Car. For Real Life." — 2012 Kia Optima Big Game Full Commercial (Extended Version)

Apparently what I enjoy most about commercials is good rock, implied nudity, and people getting maimed by wild animals. Sounds about right.

Honorable Mentions

Doritos® - Man’s Best Friend — Crash

But probably enjoy the rejected “Make Your Own” commercial the same (or possibly slightly more)

Happy Grad- Chevy

"Status update: best day ever!"

Camry Effect: “Connections” (Extended Version)

I usually am not a fan of sappy, but I liked this one. Reminded me of all the good times in my first car (a Honda CRV)


Chrysler Commercial - It’s Halftime in America

Sorry. Everyone is raving about this commercial today. Me? “Meh.” Comment from someone I was watching the game with, “Maaaaaan, Clint Eastwood is super old. And I didn’t think his voice could get any huskier.”

Doesn’t Count

Official 2012 Honda CR-V Game Day Commercial - “Matthew’s Day Off”

Felt the longer version available online was better. The condensed 30-second missed out on key parts. Also, I would have liked this commercial more had there been cameos by other actors from the movie.

Acura — Transactions: 2012 NSX Big Game Seinfeld Commercial

Again, I feel the longer version online was better. Plus, I kinda wish Jerry Seinfeld would just go away for a while. His shtick is old.

Marvel - The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

Because there’s no way this commercial was going to be anything less than awesome. Hoping to see it on the big screen soon (just need to find a movie that’s playing it in their trailers)


Free to Pee - TaxACT Super Commercial

Anything GoDaddy related. Their “sex sells” campaigns are so repetitive and dated. I don’t believe they’ve come up with an original idea in years.

Didn’t necessarily hate it, but Pepsi’s King’s Court Super Bowl ad was my least favorite ad of theirs in recent memory. But I don’t want to classify it as bad as the aforementioned two were just awful.

Other Notes

I felt the crossover between GE and Budweiser was interesting.

Overall, I think Hyundai had the best series of commercials. All the commercials they showed made me chuckle.

The Rescue Dog commercial from Bud Light was cute but not great. However, I admire them for partnering with Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation and their goal to raise up to a quarter of a million dollars.

The commercial no one actually saw on TV but is now circulating the interwebs

Will Ferrell semi-promoting Old Milwaukee. Was only shown in North Platte, Nebraska. Because of this, I have now discovered the series of Old Milwaukee commercials that have only aired in Davenport, Iowa.

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