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Why Robin Scherbatsky is Still The Best Character on Television


From the pilot episode I gravitated toward Robin Scherbatsky. Her character was one I identified with and still strive to be like. She was ambitious, strong (both physically and mentally), intelligent and fiercely independent. Four characteristics that are rare for a female character to embody….

This. I will forever go down saying the third to final episode is where the show ends for me. For the last 43 minutes of this show ruined 9 seasons. And ultimately ended up telling people that the only thing in life matters is children. If you don’t want them/are unable to have then no man will really want you. Or they can’t become a better man until they have a child of their own. No, the last 43 minutes of this show taught taught its viewers that you need a host uterus to provide offspring. Only then will a man become a better person and feel complete. 

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